hmm :)

saye taknak kacau orang . tpi tak perlu emo ? saye tak suke .
kalau tak nak saye ganggu , cakap ! 
bia saye sorang sorang . dalam hidup , saye kene lalui dengan air mate jatuh .
org yg bole buat saye senyum my sis , n kwn2 kt skola . *sometimes
kadang kadang takde punn . hmm . mmg kene lalui sampai mati ke ?
buat entry niy pun menangis . CENGENG ! :'(

when someone that holds a place close to your heart screws you over .
you're scarred for life . it doesn't matter how many times they apologize to you or how 
many times you forgive them , that memory sticks with you forever . even if they earn your
trust again , you will always hold yourself back on giving them your all because now you 
know how much pain they are capable of causing you .

Enjoying your reading. And thanks for read it

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