am i single ?

It is just really shitty mind set as far as I am concerned. Being single is great. It is
amazing. No one to answer to, all the food in the fridge is yours, you
don’t have to leave the toilet seat up, you never have to change
anything about yourself that you don’t want to. You can always pick
the type of food that you want to eat that night, you can go on the
type of vacations that you want.

Being single is wonderful. It means it gives you the opportunity to do
whatever you want, maybe do whoever you want, date whoever you want,
experience whoever you want and it also gives you the opportunity to
go out there and meet great people and get it right. Being single
means that you have the opportunity to go out there and meet people
and figure out what you want out of a relationship. It gives you the
opportunity not to screw up and get involved in a bad relationship,
because you know you are on a path right now to figure out who you
are. Being single is phenomenal.

Being single is an amazing time because you can really explore and develop yourself in ways that you can’t really do when you’re attached. When you get to fully explore yourself you really get to learn who you are and fall in love with yourself.
When you’re single and in love with yourself it doesn’t matter that you aren’t in a relationship because you’re already having a great time. Also, when you’re in love with yourself, you attract the right kind of person and get to sort through the people who you don’t want to date.

my beloved blue elmo already given to you .
and ur red elmo at me -.- damn!
okay , last present ? 
baru saye tahu , kawan2 awk yg dtg openhouse umh fatin sume tuh 
ialah ex awak . hikhik . ptt la pndg semcm je . sorry mengganggu hubungan awk .
okay , itulah hotstuff
' akk saja je tak bgitahu papa kau kapel sbb akk nak tgk sampai bila kau berthn dgn die'
kak , pengajaran ke niyy ? #taksukenyeewWwWwWW >.<
terimakasih hotstuff .
seronok bile single . aummm <3 terimakasih sekali lgi kasi sye pengajaran .

Enjoying your reading. And thanks for read it

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