she's the one who annoys me everyday
she's the one who always share her 'secrets' with me.
She the one who WE think was the most brave princess .
Coz she's brave enough to 'woof' the enemies. Hahs
coz she's brave enough to defense her friends. Me:Tears.

Coz she's brave enough to annoy anyone else in the class without thinking what will 

classmates do if she had hard times. :P
she's the walking dictionary.
She's the one who gave me 'weird' scarf on my birthday.
She the best friend who enjoys wonderful birthday as one of the administrators in our 

school celebrates same dob with her. Awwhh ♥

and. She's the one who hugs me like everyday besides my mother.
Me ♥ u
Oh wait. She's the one who got betty boop* purse from her sister.. Jealous. I dont have 

any sister

thanks dude <3

Enjoying your reading. And thanks for read it

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